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Certified to test and repair all backflow assemblies

Backflow assemblies work to keep polluted water from going into the water supply. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection and your local water purveyor require backflow assemblies to be tested every year and be found in working order.


If your backflow assembly isn’t tested or doesn’t work properly, you’ll end up with an expensive water bill and poor water quality. Plus, your water may get shut off.

The Plumbing Works Inc offers expert backflow tests and repairs to ensure your water is safe and complies with local and state authorities.


Our locally owned business holds many certifications for testing and repairing all backflow assembly brands.

Annual backflow testing and fast repair service

A malfunctioning backflow can cause life-threatening problems, so make sure you get yours tested annually and repaired quickly when necessary. If your backflow needs a repair, contact us for 24-hour emergency services.

Trained technicians using modern testing procedures

Trust our trained technicians to provide you with the latest testing procedures. State-of-the-art equipment is used to ensure you receive an accurate test and avoid unneeded repairs. This way you’ll save money!

The Plumbing Works Inc is a professional plumbing company with over 20 years of experience.

Comprehensive backflow testing and repair work